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I create digital media that moves audiences:  to become more worldly, informed, and tolerant, to capture their imagination, or to click “add to cart.”

For over 5 years I have helped organizations, brands, and start-ups connect with their audiences through video and other digital media. I am an Innovative video editor, cinematographer, and brand & messaging strategist offering solid expertise in pre- and post-production, editing, storyboarding, footage manipulation, and visual effects application. I am adept at managing multiple projects while ensuring maximum client satisfaction, with the highest level of service and quality.  Most importantly however, the videos we have made together have made real-world impacts for my clients.


When I'm not freelancing for a client, I create content for a digital audience of over 4 millions viewers through the State Department's Exchange and Cultural Affairs bureau. I have befriended strangers in different timezones, and told heart-wrenching stories about overcoming obstacles to a community that is diverse, resilient, and gritty. It is their stories that inspire me to connect with others, and to tell stories that make a difference. 


Thank you for reading, and I look forward to learning about how we may work together. 


Kevin P. Sweeney

About Me: Bio
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